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Crude Oil Refinery Process Chemicals And Fuel Additives
Neelam Aqua offers complete range of Refinery Process Chemicals and Fuel Additives.



  • Dew Point Neutralizers for crude distillation and vacuum distillation overhead units for pH and corrosion control . 
  • Corrosion Inhibitors / Filmers for protecting the overhead system from corrosion. 
  • Crude antifoulant. 
  • In-situ tank cleaning programmes to recover valuable hydrocarbons and to minimize sludge disposal concerns.
  • Nickel passivator to improve FCCU Catalyst Efficiency. 
  • Corrosion Inhibitor to address corrosion of different fractionator unit as a single solution.
  • Naptha hydrotreater antifoulant to address fouling concerns in NHT preheat system and improve on unit conversion. 

  • Diesel fuel lubricity improver additives. 
  • Diesel Stabilizer additive. 
  • Pour Point depressant. 
  • Gasoline Antioxidant maintain gasoline specification often hindered by cracked gasoline streams that are blended in gasoline .