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Fuel and Fireside Additives
The impurities in solid and liquid fuels can lead to formation of slag in boiler furnace, can leave the clinkers on the fuel bed and the presence of sulphur can lead to the cold end corrosion. It is often possible to improve the combustion of both solid and liquid fuels and reduce un-burnt carbon in the ash
Neelam Aqua offer a complete range of Fuel and Fire Side Additives –


  • Combustion catalysts. 
  • Slag and Clinker Control Additives. 
  • Soot Cleaning Compound. 
  • Multipurpose Additives for Coal, various types of fuel oils, Biomass, Lignite and Petcoke based fuels.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors. 
  • Dust Suppressants.
  • Sludge Conditioning and Microbiological control Additives for fuel oils.