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Pulp and Paper Process Chemicals
Neelam Aqua  offers complete range of pulp and paper process chemicals to improve process efficiency and product quality.


  • Paper Sizing Chemicals –Alkyl Ketene Dimer (AKD) and ASA. 
  • Retention Aids/Flocculant. 
  • Drainage Aids/Fixing Agents. 
  • Dry Strength Resins (DSR) – Cationic, Anionic and Amphoteric.
  • Wet Strength Resins (WSR). 
  • Deinking Chemicals – Surfactant, Fatty Acid, Enzyme based.
  • Fluff Control Additives. 
  • Stickies Control. 
  • Felt, Wire and Screen Cleaning and Passivation. 
  • Slimicides/Biocides. 
  • Coating Dispersant. 
  • Surface Sizing Additive. 
  • Antiscalants for Chlorine dioxide bleaching. 
  • Antifoams and Defoamers.